The Realistic Holistic


We live in a world where burgers are kings and priests and heroes. A world where nachos are loaded and fries are super sized. It's often glorified to down the triple patty, double cheese, bacon burger and frowned upon to order the quinoa salad. Here's my thing though, it's called the SAD diet for a reason (aside from the fact that it actually stands for Standard American Diet), eventually its going to lead to a tired, sick, and sad individual. 

I got into holistic nutrition for so many reasons. Learn about me here. I feel like my whole life lead me to it. When I tell people I'm a holistic nutritionist I get a lot of "ooooh, so you basically just eat kale all day?",  "so you don't shave your armpits then, right?" and "woah, but you seem so normal!" There is clearly a strange misconception people have in their minds about nutritionists, and maybe more particularly about holistic nutritionists. I feel like the definition of it has been skewed. There are all sorts of holistic nutritionists, maybe some who don't shave their armpits and many that do but definitely none that only eat kale (because we know that wouldn't be balanced and would end up being bad news for your thyroid). Perhaps we are all a little bit abnormal, but not in a crazy way, more just in that we are going against the grain when it comes to the general understanding of a normal diet.

Essentially, a holistic nutritionist is a practitioner that views the body holistically, taking into consideration bioindividuality, and believes health is the presence of energy and vitality not simply the absence of disease. We work to bring that true health to people with well rounded nutrition and lifestyle practices. Not so crazy, right? 

I understand that the world of holistic nutrition can sometimes seem a little extreme and difficult to approach coming from the real world where that SAD diet is the norm. I come from that world too! I enjoy my late night nachos after good night of partying on occasion too! Gotta life your life! But then you also gotta get up in the morning and drink that green juice and pop that milk thistle, you know what I'm sayin'? Well, no, I get that most of you don't. But thats what I'm here for! I aim to be the nutritionist that bridges that gap for the every day human being who knows that they need to pay more attention to nutrition but is afraid or doesn't know where to start.

I don't believe in doing anything too drastically. Generally, drastic measures lead to short term changes. I want long term results with my clients. Unless you are in a critical state, in which case we might throw you through some intense sh*t - for real though, if you're at that point I think you'll grin and bear it to get yourself better - but we will always follow that up with slow, realistic steps to keep you well and make you truly healthy so you never find yourself in that state again. My philosophy is to work with each individual to make realistic holistic changes that will work for them to find long lasting health no matter what issues they're dealing with. And thus, the realistic holistic was born!

I'm going to be keeping this blog up to aid all who read it in a similar way. I will be providing realistic holistic tips and tricks, wading through the mish-mash of information out there and sorting out the real facts from the bu****it, plus sharing some kick*** recipes & remedies along the way. Stay tuned, things are gonna get real.