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I tend to specialize in digestion, autoimmune & body love, applying my realistic holistic approach along the way. My mission is to integrate real food & a holistic mindset into your busy, social, chaotic life to give you the chance to heal from the inside out and find total vitality & confidence.

Sound good?

let’s work together to bring you from burnt out & self doubt to kick butt and confident!

I live in Toronto, Canada, so if you live in the GTA, I’ll meet you wherever you feel comfortable! I love meeting you at your favourite local spot to grab a tea or green juice! My favourite spot to meet is The Simple Kitchen on Roncy ‘cause there is something there for everyone! They even have AIP options!

If you don’t live in or around Toronto, I also works online worldwide! I love using Skype, FaceTime or Zoom to video chat internationally, or phone calls if you prefer to just be in your PJ’s, no makeup, hair in a greasy bun while you chat. I can relate! Megan has worked with clients across the globe including Australia, England and Dubai.


So whether you’re near or far, don’t be afraid to reach out!

NOTE: I am an Autoimmune Paleo Certified Coach, qualified to help you manage your autoimmune disease through proven diet and lifestyle tactics. 

Here’s all the info about consultations, follow-ups and packages!

If you end up with questions, shoot me a message here! I’d be happy to help you out!

Consultations & Follow UPs

For those who want the flexibility of being able to go appointment-by-appointment, step-by-step and have some fun one-on-one with me!

Meet & Greet

It can be hard to commit to addressing your health with so many questions buzzing through your mind.

Is this girl for real?

How can she actually help me?

What does a holistic nutritionist even do!?

Will she make me give up everything that makes life worth living!?

I offer a free "meet and greet" where we can get to know each other a little bit better, ask all those nagging questions and make sure that I’m is the right fit for you!

FREE! :) 

Initial Consultations

This is where things get personal!

I’ll take a deep dive into what's going on in your world that might be holding you back from achieving your health goals. We’ll chat goals, diet, exercise, sleep, stress, health history, mindset, relationship to food & you better believe we’ll be talking about your poops!

It’s all about getting into the nitty gritty details so that I can really personalize your nutrition plan!

At the end of the consultation I’ll give you a few things to think about before your first nutrition session.

Price: $150 + HST

Nutrition Session

This is where I blow your mind with all of nutrition information you need to start making the best choices for your every day life.

This session stars with a review of your “concerns & considerations”, where we will discuss all of the things that came up in your intake that could be related to your concerns. You have to sit through the boring science stuff so that you can really understand why I’m is going to ask you to do what I ask you to do! When you understand it, you’re MUCH more likely to stick to it!

This way, it’s not “because my nutritionist told me to!”, it’s “because it is directly effecting my condition and my ability to FEEL DAMN GOOD!”

Then, we'll get real with each other and talk through the practical approaches you can take that make sense for both your life and for your health! Your first protocol will provide you with the most important steps & guiding principles to take to build a foundation to achieve your health goals.

I also puts together weekly meal plans for you based on your individual preferences & needs. These come with shopping lists, full recipes, nutrition info and tips and tricks for having fun with it! 

Price: $100 + HST

Follow-up Sessions

Follow ups with me are designed to keep you on track and help you move forward at the right pace for you! 

At each follow up we will touch base about what's going right, what's going wrong, how to adjust and determining if there are any additional steps we can take. 

I will have a new meal plan ready for you every time you come in to say hello!

As you go, you can book as many follow-up sessions as you need. They can also be tacked on to the end of a personal or team program. . 

I’ll be there for ya! Whatever you need! It's your journey, I’m just there to help you find your way.

Price: $85 + HST

Personal Programs

These personalized programs are designed to give us the chance to really dig in and get to the root cause of your health issues, address them directly through nutrition and lifestyle strategies that will help you FIND YOUR BALANCE AND BRING THE REAL YOU TO LIFE!

Time to Get Real!


A Real Jumpstart

This is my introductory program.

This program is for you if you just need someone to show you what path would be best for you to take.

After a down & dirty 1 hour intake appointment, I will meet with you again and walk you through the way your diet and lifestyle may be getting in the way of your health goals... cause knowledge is power!!!

I’m not going to just tell you what to do without explaining why!!

We will walk through your first action steps, focusing in on the little things that you can do now to start to make a difference to your health in a way that works for the life you're living!

I will also design a personalized meal plan based on the stuff you love and the goals you want to reach!

Always delicious, always simple, always healthy!

This program gives you the basics you need to get started on a healthier path! 

Shall we?

Price: $225 + HST (save $25)


A Real Change

This is my 8-week program. 

In this program I will work with you in depth knowing your committed to real change. 

I will provide the same base of education, making you aware of the things that might not be working so well for you, and the things that are.

I will always make the WHY clear so that you know there is always a reason to be doing what you're doing! 

We will create personalized first steps, knowing that we have the time together to take it step by step, without overwhelm! 

This program then includes the intake appointment, first nutrition session and 6 follow up visits so that you can take the time for trial and error, build slowly on everything you're learning and implementing to find a realistic & sustainable, healthy lifestyle that truly works for you and your real life!

This program ensures you get the in depth knowledge and understanding you need of nutrition and yourself to work toward a long lasting lifestyle of kicking butt and feeling good! 

Ready to rumble?

Price: $650 + HST (save $110)


A Real Journey

This is my 12-week program. VIP!

This program is designed for people who know they need to go that extra mile and need that solid support every step of the way.

I recommend this program for my autoimmune clients in order to get through the full AIP or GAPS protocol with the resources and support you will need! It is also suitable for anyone who need to lose a substantial amount of weight or is suffering from any other chronic illness and is seeking remission.

Throughout your real journey we will start off with the same basics: after a thorough intake appointment, you will receive a personalized education session on what is going right and what might be holding you back, a strategic plan to get you started and an individualized meal plan with shopping lists, recipes & tips and tricks for getting through it. 

For you, I will also provide resources on important topics for making change like teaching batch cooking, product recommendations, as well as food & symptom tracking journals. 

I will work closely with you to monitor your progress, troubleshoot and make sustainable changes that will transform your health!

You've got 10 personal follow up sessions to do so! 

Get ready to make a new friend, because if you're in for this journey it's going to be a ride! & I will make sure there's lots of fun involved! ;) 

Let’s do this!

Price: $950 + HST (save $250)


Team Programs

These programs are designed for groups of people who share a common health goal and want to work together with Megan to achieve it.


A Real Friendship

This program is designed for you and a friend to find your health together!

Studies show that people succeed most in achieving their health goals when they have support!

I will provide individual intakes and a joint consultation to provide each of you with your specific nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. Discover what you both need to do, little things you should be doing differently and how to keep each other on track.

Good friends GET REAL with each other!

Price: $200 + HST per person.


A Real Love

This program is designed for you and your love to find health together!

Partners who go through health journeys together find a new level of respect and support for one another!

I will provide individual intakes and a joint consultation to provide you each your specific nutrition and lifestyle recommendations. Discover what you both need to do, the little things you should be doing differently, and how to keep each other on track.

Good partners GET REAL with each other! 

Price: $200 + HST per person.


A Real Gang

This program is designed for you and a group of 4 or more friends who have similar health concerns.

I will meet with you all as a group to discuss your collective health concerns and provide effective nutrition and lifestyle changes that can be made together.

I will provide recipes and weekly activities that the group can do together to keep everyone on track.

I will follow-up with you all once to discuss questions, concerns and progress moving forward.

Good gangs GET REAL with each other! 

Price: $150 + HST per person


A Real Family

This program is designed for you and your family to achieve ultimate health together.

With the support of your family there isn't anything you can't do!

Find your best self, while teaching your children how to build healthy eating habits.

I will evaluate current diet and lifestyle patterns within the family and make specific recommendations that will help everyone to thrive, through an intake session & a nutrition session.

I will also provide weekly meal plans for the whole family, with specific recipes that are easy for you to make with help from the whole team!

For families, I also offers an in home pantry clean out and one at home cooking class where you and the kids can learn how to work together to build fantastic meals everyone will enjoy!

Good families GET REAL with each other! 

Price: $800 + HST total.