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need someone to get real with you about nutrition?

I'm here to help you make REALISTIC HOLISTIC upgrades to your nutrition that will give you the energy, brain power and rockin' body confidence you need to

LIVE YOUR REAL LIFE, in all it's chaotic glory! 

Learn more about Megan and check out her offerings!



Megan's services work to make the world of nutrition understandable, approachable and real to the modern person.

She acknowledges that living in the real world with the levels of stress, work, family and social obligations, taking care of yourself and your own health can fall by the wayside.

In order for you to be your most productive and vibrant self, to live that busy life to the fullest, you have to nourish yourself.

Megan provides nutrition and lifestyle plans that work for you and your real life.

She promises to help you find the healthier, happiest, most productive version of yourself.

Megan promises to help you find the real you with realistic holistic nutrition. 



Megan's blog space is dedicated to getting real about holistic nutrition.

The goal is to keep an open discussion, sift through all the B.S. out there and bring you the real information you need to navigate your health.

Megan includes personal exploration to keep you in touch with the life of your realistic holistic nutritionist.

Of course, Megan also shares all of her favourite easy recipes made with real ingredients that will nourish your kick butt life.

NO FLUFFY, FANCY RECIPES HERE! Only realistic, holistic ones! 


The Real Mission

bust through the busy & the chaos

fuse healthy habits with a life you love

bring you from burn out and self doubt

to kick butt and confident

My mission is my promise.