A Real Journey

A Real Journey


This is my 12-week program! It includes the intake session, initial nutrition session, and 10 follow ups.


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This is my 12-week program. VIP!

This program is designed for people who know they need to go that extra mile and need that solid support every step of the way.

I recommend this program for my autoimmune clients in order to get through the full AIP or GAPS protocol with the resources and support you will need! It is also suitable for anyone who need to lose a substantial amount of weight or is suffering from any other chronic illness and is seeking remission.

Throughout your real journey we will start off with the same basics: after a thorough intake appointment, you will receive a personalized education session on what is going right and what might be holding you back, a strategic plan to get you started and an individualized meal plan with shopping lists, recipes & tips and tricks for getting through it. 

For you, I will also provide resources on important topics for making change like teaching batch cooking, product recommendations, as well as food & symptom tracking journals. 

I will work closely with you to monitor your progress, troubleshoot and make sustainable changes that will transform your health!

You've got 10 personal follow up sessions to do so! 

Get ready to make a new friend, because if you're in for this journey it's going to be a ride! & I will make sure there's lots of fun involved! ;) 

Let’s do this!